Welcome to my Future

Well here we go my first entry in a while. I might as well update you a lot has happened over the past half year. For those who wonder yes I am still awaiting a transplant, but some positive things has spilled over into my life.

The first being I have a new group of really cool people to work with. They comprise the business known as the 9thXchange. I really love it the people are great and we are doing some crazy and wonderful things.

The company is an online store that sells media, media that you make and upload to it.. Isn’t this cool you don’t have to be a big marketing company now to get your own creative works up there and for sale. Now you say, yeah but I can do that on youtube, my space or something else.. huh? What’s so different?? Well 9thX lets you retain your ownership and protects your rights to the files you publish through DRM. Right now these other sites don’t really give you rights on the same level. You can also have your own member sales area..

We think this all is a great idea and so did Microsoft. My project with the company was to create a windows media player version of the store website. That will give the company a national presence. I am pleased to announce that it’s in final testing and our national coming out day is with the release of Windows Media Player 11 for XP on October 3rd, 2006.

Most of the friends I have had are now gone from Michigan or moved on. I really don’t see any of my old friends anymore, but that’s not so bad. I now have been busy making some new ones. You really can tell how your life is changing when you see different people in it. Everything is more positive and forward moving. The drama agents are gone and it’s just quiet now. I am enjoying things very very much. I have time to work and do the things I want to do.

My favorite things..

My favorite thing is to pack up the laptop computer and spend the day at Beaners on washtenaw having coffee and snacks, working and enjoying their free wi-fi.. They are affordable and not packed like StarBucks, and their wifi is again FREE…

How I spent my summer (one time at bandcamp..)

Favorite summer events:

  • Toronto Pride 2006
    • Riding in the ‘Pimpmobile with Matt’
    • Wrestling with a VCR
    • Pride Parade (HOT HOT OOOH HOT!)
    • Remington’s (my what a big ___ you have mr wolf!)
  • Trip to Lansing
    • Visiting old friends
    • The “Bloc” Party
  • Work Dinner at Corabas Italian Restaurant
  • Finishing up the Media Player Store
  • Trip to the Necto with ” Tommy Muscles” who was visiting from Atlanta.
  • Superman Returns in Imax 3D


With summer coming to a close I will remember the fun and excitment of the year.. I wanted to take a moment and tell you that I am writing this using Windows Live Writer a free blog writing application. It rules, it lets me ad pictures, maps, live links and tag everything. It also supports Flickr images (with an add-on) and some other things. It’s also really great about supporting different blogging applications.

I am simultaneously deploying this to Live Journal, Friendster, WordPress, and Community Server, not to mention Windows Live spaces..

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