Life, The Universe, and Everything…

Okay I stole that title for this post thanks Doug for a great title. I haven’t wrote anything lately and it’s already october. I haven’t because I have been working 24/7 on this project call version 2.0. I haven’t seen any pay from it but it’s fun and taking up most of my free spare time. When it is done I think it will be mighty successful. All the elements of a great website and an application like Apple’s iTunes are built-in to provide one great collectibles type website.


Microsoft, Small Planes, and Good Luck

Well I was having a good day thursday. I went to the Kensington Court for a Microsoft meeting (actually two of them) all day. They fed us breakfast included self-toasted bagels. Later in the day they had a chocolate fountain for dipping and a fresh popcorn maker and all sorts of drinkage. The guy doing our presentation in the MSDN portion (William Steele) of the day was amazing. I watch his work and read  his MSDN blog very often. He gave us a treat by showing off the new plane he was buying today. He apparently own’s four of them (some are charter). They were very cool. He also after the fact delved  a bit into XNA Game Studio Express. I got called up in both drawings. Being the nice guy the first drawing I decided to skip taking the prize and let someone else get a prize. I had everything on the table.


Life is going good except for incremental issues with my kidney disease. I am now on a medicine originally aimed at Parkinson’s disease patients to take care of a restless leg problem I have at night when I try to sleep.

I am happy with life at the moment. Close friends are still nearby, but far enough away I have plenty of breathing space. It’s been quiet on the homefront except for charcoal getting groomed today. I had one episode like I did a few years ago of pain that put me in the hospital back then. But it went away quickly. 

Anyway things could be a lot worse for me, now if we just get a lot of democrats in office in the November election I’ll be very happy. I think we are severely off-course everywhere and everyone finally knows it and are ready to admit it to themselves.


New Pictures

Without as many people around I have been able to start muscling up (not as many days do I go out to eat as I used to and I get a good diet and exercise now).. As the song goes, I am “Looking good and feeling Gorgeous..”  Also been wrestling some as time/health permits.


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