Voting on November 7th 2006

If you are considering not going out to vote there are many reasons why you should go out and vote your conscience. The least of these are the fact that this country is at a very important point in it’s history. Our direction will tell us a lot about our futures.

I have never voted along party lines but I tend to think that I need to this year because never before has America been so much in the dumper including Michigan.

I blame the state legislature not our governor for problems that the state has. They enact laws pass bills. They could help make this place a lot better if they really wanted to. The governor is tied to only doing what the legislature wants. She has no power to make laws etc.

Issues like Canadian Trash is of big concern. The legisilature seems to be courting and looking for money from trash lobbyists who want to dump this crud into our state. It’s a big concern and there is an extreme amount of money behind it.

Also the current ills in the auto industry has to do with trends of outsourcing jobs etc. When people can’t afford to buy cars at the places the worked at or no longer work at you gotta ask yourself why? My thought places it squarely on the outsourcing of jobs and work to places like Canada, Mexico, China. But wait they are not buying the products they make for elsewhere.. See any problems there. Trade is a serious issue and our law makers and federal agencies of the last 6 or so years haven’t done any enforcement (the bi-product of a conservative government). That could be also why we have so many illegal aliens too,  no enforcement! 

Who would enforce these things if there was enforcement, lets see the national guard, oops no they are over in Afghanistan and Iraq.. Oh and what have we been spending money on with very little to know economic responsibility ? The war.. Oversight with spending is very LAX. So what does that mean, can we say UNCONTROLLED deficit spending? Geeze and these people are supposed to be conservative government that doesn’t believe in spending unecessarily..

So please if you ever want to get us out of Iraq without thousands of more casualties and having family members coming home disabled and without limbs, please think about who you are voting for and if this is really working. Larry King had a guest on the other night talking about the Iraq war and he was none other than famous manager and real estate mogul Donald Trump. He said we should declare the war “won” and bring home the troops. I am all for his idea. We have given that country plenty of time to be responsible for themselves. Sometimes it’s like a parenting skill you just have to take a step back and hope for the best and trust in people over there to be responsible for themselves.

If we leave there it’s very likely the terrorists who are insighting the violence will leave too, because they are really after us right? That’s the only reason that they are going there is to fight us, right?? What do you think about this idea??

I am more concerned with Jobs and the economy. In the governors race, lets look at something the party not in power is running on a ticket of “creating new jobs”. It’s amazing because that party is in control of the legislature and I don’t see them doing one thing to improve the situation there. It’s just the slogan.

Remember when Engler was in power? Remember what happened to school systems funding, state run mental health facilities, etc.?? We had more crime and more people on the street that shouldn’t and kids weren’t moving forward with education which with it brings the hope of better jobs.  You can’t blame Governor Granholm for the auto industries problems.

That’s a problem with trade at the national/federal level. When the President comes in to campaign for Mr. DeVoss and Mr. Bouchard and doesn’t even stop to talk to any auto industry people  and try to help them, you have to kinda realize who and what problem really is. Would you vote him in again? I can’t understand why you voted him in the last time..

We aren’t any safer than we were five or six years ago. There were threats on NFL stadiums last week and the terrorists haven’t been caught from back then, if anything there is more of them and we are diverted into this Iraq thing..  You gotta wonder if the other party was in charge what they would have done and how many thousand more people might still be alive here and elsewhere (and I am not talking about 9/11 here).

You need to think about this stuff when we all go out to vote. The other issue here is the voting system. Whey when we vote can’t we get a receipt that is given to us from the machines that tell us who we voted for. Seems kinda silly if your corner convenience store can do it for what you buy..

Also, Habeus Corpus.. I can’t say how I am opposed to any laws that would disallow a US citizen or non citizen to be detained or jailed without having their family told or be allowed swift legal representation. But the millitary commissions act seems to allow for this. I love America and this country and I don’t want to see it harmed. But we have had Haebeus Corpus since we were an English colony and it’s worked until now.. I really hope this whole law is challenged in the supreme court I find it squarely in contradiction with our bill of rights.. How could you elect a leader that let’s our rights like this be even partially stalled.

The American Revolution was started for a lot less a long time ago. Should we forget our historic lessons, the boston tea party, etc etc.

If you are reading this you should know I consider myself a patriotic American and I don’t think we should make changes to our rights or constitution because of fear or trepedation. That sets us a part from the rest of the world. We should honor those documents and our liberties and freedoms.

Shame on whoever that doesn’t. Isn’t that just giving into what the terrorists want in the first place?

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