Microsoft Designers Start Rocking with WPF

As you know with the launch of Windows® Vista a lot of new applications are becoming available and the design community is starting to embrace the new internet enabled Windows applications. One of the things that I saw at was a snowboarding application.

If you would like to check it out for yourself you can even download and run it yourself (it features video and 3d navigation and elments). You can go find it at:



This application totally rocks and shows off the new levels of interactivity possible with WPF (.NET 3.0 Framework), windows vista and an internet enabled application..



The WPF Shopping Experience online at OTTO

Over in Germany there is a company named Otto. You might not have heard about them here, but they might be more familiar with a company they own called Crate and Barrel. They have put their entire store online in a showcase of WPF 3d, with a unique product brower. It’s a 3d Windows WPF experience complete with video. It takes a few minutes to initially load up but after it’s all loaded (it’s not a web page but a full blown shopping app) It’s just amazing..

You should check out Otto’s Vista Page at:


What’s really nice is both of these experiences are available now and on Vista and XP (if you have 3.0 dot net framwork installed)..

These are just two very recent examples of Vista’s new UI and what you can do with XAML and the Framework.. I have to give props to the designers and the folks involved with all of this.. It really shows the commitment to design and new UI capabilities.. I think it’s pretty cool and sets the new stuff and Microsoft apart..

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