Wishes for the Future

Things I’d like to see in future products..


Dreamweaver- I want to see full ASP.NET 2.0 support with database connections that use no Macromedia specialized ASP.NET controls. I want to see full ASP.NET 2.0 compliance.

The Return of LiveMotion. I’d like to see alternative UIs integrated in Flash like you can in Dreamweaver. Including the one from Adobe LiveMotion 2.0. While Adobe’s UI’s and feature sets get richer I am losing screen real estate.



Visual Studio 2007- I am dying here in Vista with it and all the security issues and Vista issues.. Give us the ORCAs WPF designer as a new new CTP for VS2005 PLEASE!

WPF/E- I want the WPF reader control fully implemented and cross-platform. I love XAML flow documents, with Forbes, Seattle PI Reader, and NY Times Readers out there, porting thi s to WPF/E would be a really good move and broaden acceptance for WPF/E.

Amiga, Inc.

Yes this is an esoteric request, but change your licensing requirements and allow more hardware makers to start making hardware again. Right now you have a small hobbyist community keeping this alive. You could improve those numbers if you change license and let an x86 version of your OS 4 be created.


I have some other requests but they are rather political in nature and I’d just say, I’d like to see Peace in the Middle East. It is POSSIBLE! And our troops home. Stopping further death and destruction is possible.. We just need to all find a way to work together. It is possible. I might be a dreamer, but hey I appreciate the little things that go well everyday and thank the devine for blessings.

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