User Experience Research

by Donald Burnett

This has been a kind of light week in the blogsphere for new things happening, but I was lucky enough to find a great presentation on User Experience and it’s relavence to developing applications and how it fits with the business model, and why you can’t afford to not include design and research into user experience in your application development process. It also goes through the process of design and the role that “user experience” has in it.

The presentation is by Will Tschumy, Microsoft User Experience Evangelist. You can view it at:  While this presentation was originally created as an internal presentation given inside Microsoft itself, the process walk-thru information and how you should go about doing research into how the user experience show influence your design process, is an invaluable resource. Especially if you are trying to convince your company that design needs to be a bigger part of your process. It literally affects everything that you do.


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