IdentityMine Does It Again!

by Don Burnett


Well my normal stumbling around the web has uncovered yet another GEM of a product from IdentityMine. They are quickly becoming one of the premiere “WPF” application development houses.  They will be presenting at Mix07 and I am looking forward to hearing more about what they are up to.


Okay so, you work in a firm doing work in WPF or WPF/E and you want to communicate a snippet or graphic over loose XAML to another team member whether it be a developer on the developer side or another artist on your design staff, or even your boss for approval.

So what do you do? Send an email perhaps, but most of the time it’s not an official “sign-off” so you just need to let the person preview your work quickly.

What is the answer to this? Well we already know that most folks on the artside like to work with “loose” XAML files just as a lot of HTML developers still use notepad.exe which gave way to htmlpad and some other alternatives. Sometimes you want to work with the XAML but don’t want to open a large application like Blend.. So, for a while now there has been XAMLPad which is a small footprint notepad for creating XAML..

XAMLPad and it’s varients are great and all but sometimes you need that team collaboration experience (especially with WPF/E) where you are working with a number of different types of developers.

The folks at IdentityMine has came up with a solution for this. It’s called CHATBlender. It’s an add-in for MSN Messenger that lets you work in XAML and preview it while chatting with another team member and you can paste the XAML right to them for viewing and editing. This is a great collaboration tool. You should check it out and you can download it HERE!

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