My Mix’07 Wishlist

by Don Burnett


Here’s my wishlist for Mix’07 coming up in a few months.. Please note these are my hopes, not anything I have heard officially or unofficially. This is just a wish list, let’s see how many comes true. Again I haven’t heard of any of this offically


  1. Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 announced
    1. DataGrid with Xaml Databinding support, and other winform equivalents that are missing, etc..
    2. Support for WPF XBAPs in Mozilla FireFox
    3. Improved WCF integration with XAML
  2. WPF/E improvements
    1. Databinding in XAML
    2. more winform equivalent controls
    3. Text and input controls
    4. 3D support (software only on the Mac)
  3. Expression Blend
    1. Improved WPF/E Support
    2. Interfacing changes more themeability in the interface
    3. Better Visual Studio WPF designer integration
    4. Enhanced WCF and webservices support in the designer (open a web service and directly databind in Blend Designer)
  4. Expression Media
    1. Gold 1.0 product
  5. Expression Designer
    1. Features missing from the Original Expression product aimed at artists for deisgn work comes back to the new interface..
    2. More WPF/E XAML function on the export..
    3. HD photosupport
    4. onionskinning and animation
  6. Expression Web
    1. WPF/E support plug-in, no more going to the SDK for aghost etc..
    2. A rich media plug-in that handles flash, etc.
    3. Customizable toolbox (ASP.NET controls available that aren’t in your GAC) and automatic recognition of user-installed ones (like Visual Studio’s VWD)
    4. Expression Web  gets a new UI, more in line with Blend and the other expression application.

Okay these are just wishes but I wonder how many of them will come true. I know a lot of people who use the toolsets now are clamoring for this functionality.. I hope we at least see a couple of these items hit reality soon..

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