AROS finds a Home

by Don Burnett

Well for the past two years I have been watching a new operating system grow out of the reminants of the Amiga community. Today for the first time I was able to make a new pc out of scrap hardware from a number of older systems I own and make a working machine out of it. I could have easily installed a Microsoft operating system on it, and who knows maybe in the future I will, but I do like keeping an eye on other systems.


AROS runs on very cheap generic x86 hardware. I took a CPU that was about 3 years old added an Nvidia FX graphics card and downloaded the ISO, and boom in about 5 minutes I had the hard drive partitioned and was staring at a very high resolution screen and UI that looked a lot like Old AmigaDOS 3.x/Workbench3.x but higher resolutions and all those enhancements I have missed starting with MUI (the magic user interface).

What’s new with AROS over the last few months? Well USB 1.1 support is one thing, a networking stack based on AmiTCP is another along with support for ethernet cards and wireless.

Aros has grown significantly and is seeing much development in Europe. I have been wondering when this OS  will become a watershed, and it looks like we are approaching this very quickly.


There were many fans of the original Commodore-Amiga platform because of it’s multi-tasking, multimedia features and OS design. AROS brings  a lot of the original OS design concepts that made the operating system popular. For many years with the original architecture you could just here people ask the question, “So why use it?” and the answer was it just works better.

AROS will probably never become my “ONLY OPERATING SYSTEM” but it sure brings back a lot of the things I liked about the first computer I ever loved.  Some people are closet Linux and BEOS users, I am a closet AROS.  I like it because it’s really great technology created by people and for people and community driven and created and it’s fun. When I do stuff outside of work I like it to be very different than work and AROS fits that bill for me. It’s a great hobby OS and maybe someday could be a lot more.

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