WPF/E Javascript Gem

by Don Burnett


Gavin Gear has just wrote a small tool that will save an inordinate amount of time. If you do WPF/E development you know that WPF/E is a control that gets embedded on the page that can be scripted thru javascript. You can pass new xaml code in through javascript to the WPF/E control for rendering by the control using the


Well getting that XAML code in a format javascript will pass to the control can be a royal pain especially if you have a lot of it. Well not anymore! Thanks to Gavin Gear we now have a tool that formats the XAML into parsable javascript to pass the XAML into the control in a scripted way..


This is quite a nice little tool and I wish microsoft would include it in the WPF/E SDK as it’s a real time saver..

Check it out at Gavin’s Blog  for more details or

download it

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