HTML to XAML Flow Document (yet another GEM)

by Don Burnett


Here’s another great utility. If you have seen the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, or the New York Times Reader you know that they are WPF based and they use something people are referring to as the “reader SDK”. Xaml offers you great formatting and control over content. The tags it uses to control these things are very similar to HTML, but not really the same thing. So if you have HTML content you want to use in the XAML, you’d need to convert it to the XAML markup tags.

Well the folks at the WPFSDK have came to the rescue with a conversion utility.


You should really check this out as it’s a very useful tool.

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4 Comments on “HTML to XAML Flow Document (yet another GEM)”

  1. Muneer Says:

    Can you add image support ?

  2. Nuno Says:

    Doesn´t work in XAML to html mode

  3. Jaya Says:



    Could you please guide how to determine the border of a is set 1,1,1,1 by default..


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