The Faces of Twitter

by Don Burnett


Twitter has inspired lots of people to create clients for it, not just on Mac, but on Windows as well.. It’s a very busy field. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Twitter Apollo Application (Windows and Mac)


Twitter Camp Apollo Application (also Windows and Mac)

Twitteroo (Windows Application)


WPF Twitter (Windows, the name says it all)

TriQQr (Windows App – Not WPF)

Twessenger (Windows Live Messenger)

TwitBox (not wpf)

Whooo! are you Tired yet? There are quite a few left but I decided that I think I will stop here. If you are looking for more of them I’d check out lockergnome’s list of over 76 twitter apps.

Just looking at these you can see just about the same feature (the public timeline) all implemented using different UI standards.. When I started my blend tutorial I wondered if anyone was working on this stuff. I see now, that there is a virtual army out there. I hope you found the tutorial how-to I provided some insight into working with web api’s (an obviously popular thing today). 

Anyway, the design decisions are kinda interesting to review. What do you guys think?

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2 Comments on “The Faces of Twitter”

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